Five Tips to Make Your Pins More Searchable

Consider this:

  • Pinterest has 100 million active users.
  • There are 176 million registered users.
  • It’s estimated that in 2015 Pinterest will have reached 47.1 million users in the U.S. alone.

As you can see, Pinterest is a valuable tool that can be used to drive new and returning visitors to your content. In the beginning, gaining exposure for your Pin was easy. Pinterest was just starting to gain in popularity and there was less competition.

Today, visitors are turning to Pinterest’s search function for a more tailored browsing experience. Gaining visibility in those search results can yield more clicks, repins and traffic to your boards.

Here are five tips for making your pins more searchable.

Pinterest Tip 1Include keywords in your pin description. An important part of SEO (search engine optimization) is including the keywords and phrases your target audience is looking for. Using these sparsely and strategically not only will increase your Google rankings, your pins will be easier to find. For example, If your post is for an apple butter recipe, include “Apple Butter Recipe” in your pin description. If you’re looking to create a pin that’s more localized, you could put in keywords “New York Fashion Trends.”

Pinterest Tip2Pin from an optimized URL. Another factor in Pinterest search results is the website where your pin originated. If you’re pinning the post on creating killer content from your blog, be sure your blog post’s URL includes the keyword you’re targeting, e.g.,


New Pinterest Tip3Provide descriptions for your images. If you don’t, you leave it to the user’s imagination as to why you pinned that particular item or what point you were trying to make. Some images don’t need an explanation. For the others, a clear, concise and specific description will help capture a user’s interest. Some things to consider when writing descriptions include:

  • What you liked about the image
  • Why you pinned it
  • What tips you have to go with it
  • Additional information related to the image

Pinterest Tip 4Repins matter. Pins with at least one repin are more likely to show up in search results for keywords. By repinning content, you can build your account to become a sought-after resource for your niche. If you’re gaining new followers quickly, repinning will help them discover great content from the past that’s buried under your other pins. This is especially helpful for businesses. Repinning old pins reminds them of products or services they might have forgotten about.

rev Pinterest Tip 5Participate on Pinterest group boards. Many successful group boards have hundreds of contributors and thousands of followers, which means your pins will get in front of a larger targeted audience faster. Pins by contributors in shared boards appear in your followers’ feed. That means you’re providing them with fresh content without repinning. Repinning to a shared board also increases your following. Users that repin your post can follow your source board immediately.

Don’t leave the discovery of your pins to chance. These tips will help you create a winning strategy for an effective and successful Pinterest presence.

What are your thoughts? How do you find pins on Pinterest? What tips can you offer? Drop us a line in the comments section and share with others.

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