4 Tips for Writing Killer Content

Content Writing Blue StripesFocus on your customer. What you like is irrelevant. Customers want to know exactly what your product or service is and how much it costs. If visitors to your site can’t find the information within the first few seconds, they’ll move on to your competition. So don’t bore them with unnecessary information.

Sell benefits, not features. Potential customers don’t care how you came up with your product or service or where you’re located. They want to know how buying it will make their lives easier and/or their business better.

Have calls to action everywhere. It’s always better to have one person visiting your website every month who makes a purchase, produces a sales lead or engages your services than people who don’t engage with you or your business.

Make it personal. Don’t get into the habit of writing content for your website in “corporatese.” Nobody likes reading it. It’s impersonal, overloaded with jargon and doesn’t convey the right message.

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