10 Tips for Writing a Call-to-Action that Sells

Call-to-actionA call-to-action (or CTA) is just that—a call to take an action. You want to get their attention, encourage an action or make a sale.

The action you want visitors or customers to take could be anything from downloading an ebook to getting a coupon or attending a webinar. You can put it anywhere—on your website, in your ebook or email or at the end of your blog post.

When creating your first CTA, it’s easy to get confused and end up with something people won’t click on.

Here are ten tips for writing a CTA that sells.

  1.  Know your audience. Identify a problem they can relate to and present your product or service as a solution.

2.   Use action verbs and phrases. They compel your visitors to perform a task, which is the point of a CTA.

3.   Be direct. You have to let your visitors know exactly what you do and what you want them to do.

4.   Be different. Figure out what makes your product or service special and incorporate it into your CTA. If you have the best product selection or the most years of experience, then say so.

5.   Be creative. Evoke emotion, whether it be humor, need or desire, and your visitors will more likely become leads.

6.   Be simple. Your CTA will be more effective if your visitors are only asked to complete one task. Asking them to perform multiple tasks can be confusing and cause them to lose interest.

7.   Create a sense of urgency. A time limitation or feeling of importance makes your CTA stronger because it adds a sense of urgency. For example, “Call us today” gives visitors a firm  measurement of time. “Call now” is more urgent and implies that your offer won’t last forever.

8.   Answer visitors’ questions. They want to know what will happen if they follow your CTA and how doing so benefits them.

9.   Make an offer they can’t refuse. A special offer can go a long way toward convincing skeptics to follow your CTA. For example, “Order today and get half-off your shipping costs.”

10.  Be repetitive. Say it in different ways and places. Repeating your CTA makes it more effective.

When it comes to your CTA, practice makes perfect. Your best ideas will likely come once you’re more familiar with the process.

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