10 Titles that Drive Traffic to Your Blog

how-to-drive-traffic-to-your-blogThe headline is the most important part of your blog. It’s a promise to your readers. Its job is to clearly communicate the benefit you’ll deliver to them in exchange for their valuable time.

A catchy title will grab the reader’s attention and drive traffic to your blog. Since eighty percent of visitors will read your headline and only twenty percent will read your entire blog, spend some time crafting an eye-catching title.

Here are 10 titles that are proven to work.

Numbered List: Any title that lists a number of tips, reasons or ways to do something work because they make a specific promise to your reader. 10 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

How-To: These articles and blog posts are some of the most sought-after, linked to and bookmarked content. People want useful information and will reward you by sharing it with others. How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Here’s a Method: This type of headline identifies your target audience and the benefits you can provide. Here’s a Method to Grow Your Twitter Followers to 1,000 in One Week

Lessons Learned: Share “insider” knowledge and translate it into a benefit for your reader.Top Ten Lessons Learned about Using Social Media

Reasons Why: Beginning your title with “why” also focuses on the benefit of reading your post. Why Your Small Business Website Needs a Blog

Provocative Questions: Asking a direct question involves your reader. Make sure, however, that it relates to the benefit of your product or service. Do You Make These Common Mistakes on Your Facebook Landing Page?

Who Else Wants: This strategy infers an existing consensus. Who Else Wants to Be a Headline Writing Ninja?

Bark a Command: This kind of headline is direct, provides a benefit and takes a commanding position. Become a Pinterest Expert in 30 Days

Little Known Ways: This is a more intriguing (and less common) way of accomplishing the same things as the “Lessons Learned” title. Little Known Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Can’t Keep Up: Today, people have too much to do in too little time. This title jumps directly into it by using the phrase that’s already rolling around in the reader’s head. Can’t Keep Up? 10 Ways to Declutter Your Inbox

The more intriguing your headlines are, the more visitors will read your posts. The more they read them, the greater your chance of gaining new followers. The more followers you have, the more respected you’ll be in your niche.

The process is the same whether you have 10,000 subscribers or you’re new to blogging. And it all starts with your headline.

Which headlines work for you?

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    I really love this article. Most of the titles I see to help bring traffic to your blog is to make a numbers list. I really enjoy these tips and I will be using them on my own website. Thank you.

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