10 Tips to Pack Your Personality into Your Content

Know what the secret is to keeping your readers engaged? You! Infusing your personality into your content goes a long way. Writing content that’s entertaining, however, can be challenging. Here are ten tips to pack your personality into your content.

Tell a good story. People love stories. The fact that we have been telling them since prehistoric man first gathered around the fire proves that. The trick is to come up with one that’s entertaining and has a message.

Appeal to your reader’s emotions. Pack your writing with emotionally charged words. Tell stories that elicit responses and shape the tone of your content to fit those emotions.

Ask rhetorical questions. This gets your readers thinking for themselves. A little goes a long way. Rule of thumb is not to include more than two rhetorical questions per 500 words.

Don’t forget formatting. Making good use of paragraph spacing, bold type, italicized fonts and bulleted or numbered lists make your content more pleasing to the eye.

Expand your vocabulary. Choosing words that go beyond what people hear every day is a great way to inject your personality into your content. Don’t overdo it. Flooding your content with too much high-brow language can backfire and make your reader lose interest.

Be interested in your topic. Have an interest and appreciation for your topic before you begin writing. Your results will speak for themselves.

Read entertaining content. If you’re serious about making your content sing, read magazines, pick up a book and follow blogs. It will make you a better writer.

Include fascinating facts. We read for two reasons: to be entertained and to learn. Research your topic to find fascinating facts and sprinkle them throughout your piece.

Build suspense. This is the holy grail of writing. It’s also one of the most coveted skills a writer can have. Ask yourself what the most interesting part of your piece is and build toward its reveal.

Write like you talk. Write with the same voice and enthusiasm as if you’re telling a story to a friend. Communicate as clearly and personally as you do in everyday life and your personality automatically infuses itself into your writing.

The bottom line is staying true to who you are. Don’t try to adapt someone else’s writing style. Everyone has their own unique voice. Make sure you’re always using yours.

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